Here you can see what I'm currently working on, which bugs are already known and what feature ideas are tested. Ordered by priority: βœ“ = Implemented WIP = Work in progress EXP = Experimental > Will only be implemented when successful P = Planned MouseBeam 1.23: WIP[BugFix]: When doing a fullscreen presentation a click in spotlight mode should not drag you out of the app Condense 1.65: βœ“[BugFix]: Finnish and Polish languages do no longer automatically replace 'ii' with 'ΓΌ' βœ“[BugFix]: The voice synthesiser can change voices without restarting Condense P[BugFix]: Fix cut off "Medium Contrast" Label WIP[Feature]: 10.7 Compatibility EXP[Feature]: Experimental image algorithm to remove underlines and some UIElements. P[Feature]: Turn "Drag to mark scan-area. Click to cancel." - Popup invisible when the cursor hovers over it MultiTimer: P[BugFix]: Timer can become very inaccurate when used on a VM. Increase accuracy when not in foreground. P[Feature]: Chose Font P[Feature]: Pop to front when done Secret iOS Project d'Entropy: P[Bugfix]: Click on "Onetime Cleanup" does not increase the statistics by $timerAmount P[Bugfix]: Yosemite: Fix transparency in Popover P[Feature]: New Icon