Apple Watch?

Since I occupy the spot as the go-to Apple-Geek in my family and circle of friends, I’ve been asked one question particulary often within the last couple of months: “What do you think about the Apple Watch? Should I get one?”

In general I would say, that if you have to ask this question, the answer would most probably be a certain no.

I’ve read so many articles about this topic, that I’m a bit bored by it to be honest. I will therefore try to compose this post concise and also ignoring the look and feel of it completely. Tastes are different.

The watch is the first product of a new generation for Apple. I expect it to be a device of compromises regarding all categories. We can already be sure that there will be an upgraded watch available in one year from now rendering the 1.0 version more or less obsolete. It still comes with a hefty price point for which you can usually buy a mechanical watch that will last you more than 10 years. I do expect it to become an important gadget in Apple’s line up, but I consider the developers to be the driving motor behind this watch. In my opinion the success of it relies completely on the creativity of 3rd party developers who I believe will blow our minds at some point… It will take some time to discover the full potential, though.

If you are not a developer, I do sincerely believe, that you will be better of by waiting for the next generation. If you are a developer though, I think you should get one because people who pay >400€ on a watch which you can only use in combination with a ~700€ iPhone, will most likely spend something on a cool app for it. Even if it’s small…

I’ll most likely be able to also get my hands on a Microsoft Band soon, too. So maybe I’ll blog about both devices at some point in the near future.