Greetings from Ålesund

When I tell people what I do for a living most look at me with jealousy: Working from home, whenever you want and once an application is released earning money for "nothing". What most people don't see is that before you earn a single cent, you have to work months and discipline yourself to not only finish a project, but also discard the work if you see no hope to make it successful. You have to create all logos and icons, sounds, write to magazines and blogs, try to publish updates for existing applications , answer support mails and create websites. If you have a bad day it can ruin everything, basically leaving yourself with 2-3 fulltime jobs on your shoulders.

Until mid of March I had accumulated a workload of more than 1,100 hours in 2016 which equals about 11h of work per day. And I needed a break. Badly.

Between March 23rd and 30th I visited a small town in Norway called Ålesund. It's a beautiful town located at the coast between small mountains and rich fishing grounds. After a terrible fire in 1904 the whole town had been rebuilt with help of Kaiser Wilhelm II. in the contemporary Jugendstil. I had a wonderful time off of the internet hiking on top of beautiful mountains, driving boats, skiing, walking through forests and exploring caves. It has been my first vacation in 3 years and I intend to come back...