*SNIP* Release

Today I released my newest iOS game called *SNIP*. It has been in development for about a year and 2 months. Goal of the game is to master snipping a disc precisely and beating your friends' scores.

It's available for all iOS devices starting from the iPhone 5s up to the iPad Pro.

www.snip.rocks | iOS AppStore

2 modes with 3 difficulties each (working on additional modes)
TARGET: Try to HIT AND STAY INSIDE OF A TARGET AREA while dodging blocks and collecting power ups
HOLI: This is ALL ABOUT COLORS: Create color combos to remove blocks from the screen. This mode adds a layer of planning and strategy to your game
‣ More Modes in development. Stay tuned. 🙂
16 DISCS each with their OWN SPECIAL ABILITY - Ninja, Sniper, Time Traveler, Dancer, Boxer... You will find your favourite.
‣ Find AMAZING SYNERGIES to get ahead of your friends
・ Achieve 32 HANDCRAFTED ACHIEVEMENTS filled with pop-cultural references
GameCenter is OPTIONAL
SKILL BASED & FAIR unlocks, NO paywall, NO unfair advantages
COLOR BLIND MODE to help you in Holi Mode