*SNIP* Holiday Edition

I love Christmas. Yes, I do love listening to Sinatra's cheesy Christmas songs, baking cookies, and gazing at the warm lights everywhere. So I guess it's no surprise I had a blast sitting down and preparing the new version of *SNIP* containing a festivity mode. During December the game will look a bit different: Snowflakes, red banners and a new festive icon to put it in the right light on your festive home screen. This update also contains a free add-on: Pool Mode is the latest addition and is an homage to classical Billiard. The goal is to clean the table from discs using as little snips as possible. You will quickly notice that you can use the 16 disc abilities in new, creative ways. (Check out the Sniper, Bouncer and Orbiter!) Since you gain one energy point per caught disc, you can achieve an endless combo with some discs which feels super rewarding! If you do so and manage to win the game in one turn, you will also make the acquaintance of a "One Hit Wonder" - the new achievement. A new particle effect on collisions and several performance improvements are also part of this update. Enjoy! <3